Changelog for changelog 1.2.6

** Updates **

1) Updated prettyPhoto jQuery plugin to 3.1.6 because previous version had security issue that is fixed in 3.1.6 version.

Changelog for changelog 1.2.5

** Fixes **

1) Fixed the issue when you could not delete images from Multi-Thumbs post

Changelog for changelog 1.2.4

** Updates **

1) Added new dimt_slider shortcode parameter: lightboxSize -it determines the size of image in lightbox.
2) Documentation is updated.

Changelog for changelog 1.2.3

** Fixes **

1) Fixed the issue where cached images were not showing in IE.
2) Added file
3) Fixed thumbnail image size issue in CSS where thumbnail images were too big if big images were used.

Changelog for changelog 1.2.2

** New in 1.2.2 **

1) Slider now shows preloader before images are fully loaded
2) Slider can show title and description of images (see updated documentation under B > 2. > a)